Filmmaker / Photographer / Painter

doBEdo Ep. 4: Patty Suau

Patty Suau is an artist who empowers others to explore sensuality and pleasure through their own creativity and imagination. Tiny Fckn Pix, her visual arts project, is series of miniature erotic drawings she created to serve as a space for healing the world of sexuality while bringing a lightness and curiosity to people’s most intimate desires. On this episode, Patty shares her own healing process her path to success, and inspires us to live whole-heartedly.

doBEdo Ep. 3: Emanuele Mazzola

Emanuele is a second generation baker. He grew up and learned along his father in their family bakery. His family has lived for generations in Mirano, a town in Northeast Italy, where craftmanship and commitment are an integral part of any pursuit. Emanuele’s baking is no exception. Now he has brought his discipline and passion for baking to Rosetta Bakery in Miami Beach. This new city and way of life provides him and his family with adventures and opportunities that he shares on this doBEdo episode.

doBEdo Ep. 2: Gaby Guzmán

Gaby Guzmán is a successful business and life coach. She is the founder of  “Las Comadres”, a Miami community that provides education and support for women entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey. Gaby discusses her origins, motivations and source of balance and inspiration that fuels her excitement for life.

doBEdo Ep. 1: Emilia Arenas

Emilia is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher in Miami Beach. She started her journey in Yoga nearly 20 years ago and she embarked on a long research of different styles and teachers until she found Ashtanga yoga and decided to move to Miami to learn from her teachers Kino Macgregor, Tim Feldmann and Greg Nardi. Her passion is showing her students the beauty and transformative aspects of the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Her classes are filled with joy and enthusiasm and her goal is to pass onto them the devotion that has been passed to her by her teachers.